Truth Hidden within Deception

A dream brought forth from Nothingness, propelled him into Infinity.

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Ramblings of a Madman--The Soul

I envisioned the end today. The skies were dyed a beautiful crimson; so were the seas and earth. Very soon, I saw a terrible thing: the color white. Its terrible pallor washed away the ubiquitous crimson, and I quickly realized that this world was my soul; the whiteness was death, in the form of maggots.  It tore through me and consumed me, till all was hollow. I realize this is confusing—alas, such dreams can seldom be described. Just know that in it, there was pure terror.

I woke in a sweat this night, my breathing heavy. My room was still lit, and I realized I fell asleep whilst upon my desk, writing my speeches to my few followers. Unsettled by it all, I stood up and laughed, if only to soothe my weary heart. It calmed me, I say honestly, for I once met a wise man who said to smile and laugh, even in the most difficult of situations. Soon, I sat back down, to read through my writings and further return to a state of peace.

I read my work aloud:

“O Bloody Dreamer, I have seen your end, and I pity you. You will end in ruin and your God will cease to be. You will bear the weight of the universe, and be crushed in an instant. Your God is naught; in Him, there is neither warmth nor light, neither frost nor darkness. Can you smile dreamer? Can you laugh, fool? I wait to see.”

Such blasphemy—did I write this? No, no! I tore this paper and through the pieces to the floor. Although those words were made in my hand, although they created a quaint resonance within me, they were not mine! I laughed again, but this time, stopped quickly. For upon my shoulder was a fly, staring at me, voracious.


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